Baseball Notes 4/10/17

I love early season stats.

Matt Kemp leads MLB in slugging % and OPS at 1.125 / 1.654. Matt has four doubles and two home runs sixteen at-bats.

Jason Castro of the Twins walked seven times last week and leads MLB in OB%. Castro walked only 45 times all of last year.

Matt Reynolds leads all of baseball in total bases with twenty-one. Reynolds came into Rockies camp with an NRI and turned it into a starting gig when Desmond broke his hand.

Justin Turner is tied for the MLB lead in doubles with Travis Shaw at five.

Salvador Perez is tied for the MLB lead in home runs with four. Perez home run totals have been trending up each year 13 – 17 – 21 – 22. With four already in the books, he may just keep that trend going.

Realmuto and Matt Kemp are tied at 10 in Runs Created.




  1. 68elcamino427

    Corey Seager must still be growing
    BBR lists him as 6’4″
    On the broadcast from Miles High Joe Davis mentioned that Seager is 6’5″ a couple of times.
    My dad told me that he didn’t stop growing, gaining height, until he was 24.

    I want to see the 28 year old Corey Seager at bat.


  2. He’s going to be staring at Shawn Green eye to eye


  3. Mike Sacha

    How about those Orioles?


  4. and Machado hasn’t even warmed up yet


  5. Mike Sacha

    I really do love the team. If the young arms come through watch out.


    • They will go as far as Gausman / Bundy can take them. The rotation depth is so thin it would not surprise me if Nuno gets some starts.


      • 68elcamino427

        I don’t need to fight to prove I’m right
        I don’t need to be forgiven


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