Hill joins Kazmir and Stewart on DL

It didn’t take long for Rich Hill’s blister to show it’s ugly face in 2017, putting Hill on the DL after only one start. He’ll be joining Scott Kazmir and Brock Stewart on the DL. The rotation spot for this Monday will either be taken by Alex Wood, Ross Stripling, or Julio Urias.

This might depend on if they have to use Wood or Stripling this weekend. Urias was set to pitch Monday for Oklahoma so he could simply slot into the spot though he was only supposed to pitch about four innings. I’m not sure Wood or Stripling could go any more than four innings either.


Healthy – Kershaw, Maeda, McCarthy, Ryu, Wood, Stripling, Urias

DL – Kazmir, Hill, Stewart

Hopefully this 10 day DL is exactly that for Rich Hill to get his blisters in order.



  1. Shoot, all Hill needs in an Ismael Valdez skin graft.


  2. 68elcamino427

    You could have won a bet with me by wagering that
    Ryu would make more consecutive starts to open the season than Hill.

    Looks like my ten win 2017 projection for Hill might be a bit optimistic.

    Wood is the next logical starter.
    Stripling would be the next one to join the rotation if another SP goes down before Hill can return.
    Hill is out for at least three starts is my guesstimate.
    Then wash, rinse, repeat.

    Urias program should have him joining the rotation in about five weeks.

    Hill goes in and out of the rotation for one or two starts at a time, then taking three weeks off to let his finger tip heal again. What a contract!


    These are the pitchers in AAA and AA who have IP count totals that indicate they have been working as a SP in 2016. They have loads of reliever candidates.

    Age, Pitcher, Current Team
    24, Oaks, OKC
    23, Anderson,Tulsa
    24, Barlow, Tulsa
    25, Sierra, Tulsa

    Doubt the Dodgers will want to dip into the A ball pitchers to help the big club,
    but we did see Stewart do it in 2016.


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