Clayton Richard to test new Dodger lineup against LHP

The LAD Achilles heel last year was LHP, and it didn’t have to be Chris Sale or Madison Bumgarner lefty aces, it simply had to be someone who pitched with the left hand.

Clayton Richard fits that bill. He’s not very good but he does throw with the left hand. The Dodgers tried to solve this problem by bringing in Logan Forsythe and Franklin Guiterrez. I’m writing this before lineups are posted but I expect both of them to be in the lineup today.  I am curious where Puig will hit in the lineup against LHP. It is Turner who struggles against LHP, not Puig but since Richard shouldn’t be around long you can’t really make a lineup based on the starting pitcher.

If this wasn’t the 2nd game of the year I’d expect Adrian Gonzalez might sit, but I doubt he’ll be sitting out the 2nd game of the year.

However, the Dodgers do tonight against Clayton Richard nothing should be made of it, but I am curious how the right-hand mashers do.  The only chink in Justin Turner’s armor last year was his dismal performance against LHP. If Turner can fix the chink, he might indeed be a long-shot MVP candidate.



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  1. Ha ha, so much for the Joc Pederson will be playing against LHP scenario. Benched against Clayton Richard. Spring training insights are so pointless.


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