Dodgers traded for a middle of the order bat

Opening day is just a few hours away and the Dodgers have changed up the lineup, moving Andrew Toles into the lead off role, and Logan Forsythe to the five hole.  The Dodgers spent 98% of the spring using Forsythe as the lead off hitter but they decided to change things up this past week and use this lineup:

  1. Toles
  2. Seager
  3. Turner
  4. Gonzalez
  5. Forsythe
  6. Pederson
  7. Grandal
  8. Puig
  9. Kershaw

Toles will add some speed to the top of the lineup though not necessarily a stolen base threat.  I have a hard time believing Forsythe is a better hitter than Grandal, Pederson, or even Puig against RHP but we shall see what the number people have up their sleeve.

Forsythe has a lifetime OPS of .688 batting from the five hole.  Last year he did not bat one time in the five hole. Last year he hit leadoff for every game he started.



  1. 68elcamino427

    Every bat in the order has pop

    15 HR Toles
    31 HR Seager
    30 HR Turner
    15 HR Gonzalez (Toles can score from 1B on a Gonzalez single)
    18 HR Forsythe (bye bye domed stadium)
    32 HR Pederson (Pederson will hit in the number four spot before the season is over)
    21 HR Grandal (the vegetarian diet will not work)
    15 Puig (headed for Platoonville)


  2. Puig will hit 4th before Pederson this season. I’m all in on Puig


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