Blake 5th wheel Parker

The much traveled 31-year-old Blake Parker made the Angel opening day roster. If you watched any of the freeway series and were unfamiliar with Blake Parker (as I was) his strikeouts of every Dodger he faced might have left you wondering who this guy was. Joe Davis said he had struck out 17 straight hitters in spring training. 17 STRAIGHT

That is crazy, as Orel said, you can’t even do that in Little League.

Hey it is just spring and he’s never had much success before so this might be fleeting and he knows it. He knows it so much that he’s not having getting a place to stay, instead, he bought a recreational vehicle and is going to live in that for the time being. 

The 31-year-old journeyman reliever purchased a so-called fifth wheel last week in Phoenix, towed it to California when the Angels broke camp and kept it parked at Angel Stadium until he found out where to go. He scouted several locations across Orange County that have WiFi and pool access for his wife and stepson to enjoy.

I love guys like this, so I hope he is able to continue his crazy spring success and became the talk of the Angel 2017 bullpen.


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  1. 68elcamino427

    No way Parker could leave that right parked in the Anaheim Stadium parking lot
    He would never get a full night’s sleep
    With all of his neighbors across the fence who live in the riverbed
    Knocking on his door all night asking to borrow a cup of sugar


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