Ryu makes rotation against all odds

Back in December when we looked at the LAD rotational depth we had Ryu on there simply out of respect but in the analysis, I didn’t give him any innings.

I think the Dodgers will give him a long look this spring but end up releasing him. I hope I’m really wrong on this and that he surprises everyone but for this exercise, no innings for Ryu.

Ryu surprised just about everyone by not only being healthy but being effective. He hit every threshold and kept right on ticking.  Dave Roberts announced today after Ryu went five innings that he had indeed made the rotation.

With Ryu making the rotation, that gives the Dodgers a very nice problem to have. They have seven legitimate starters for only five spots. The final spot is between McCarthy and Wood, but in a few weeks, they will also have to figure out what to do when they want to put Urias in the rotation. Scott Kazmir starts the year on the DL but he also has to be dealt with if he can figure out his problems once he comes off the DL and goes through his rehab.

Just imagine if Ryu is back to being Ryu. I’m guessing Ryu would be on an innings count given he hasn’t pitched in two years, good thing the Dodgers have plenty of options to give him rest.





  1. 68elcamino427

    Wrong, wrong, wrong!
    Was i ever off on this one!

    Congratulations Mr. Ryu!


  2. It was a big club, I don’t know anyone who went out on a limb back in December and said Ryu was going to make the rotation out of spring training.


  3. Hey did you see that Mike joined us?


    • Mike is FB? Wouldn’t have known this a week ago.


      • 68elcamino427

        Phil is creating good stuff.

        The more he writes
        The better he gets

        Same with Eric

        Intent is a key.


  4. A natural born storyteller.


  5. Mike Sacha

    If you look through the comments you will see that I predicted Ryu would win 30 games this year. I knew it!!!! Haha. I am in shock. Coming back from shoulder is impressive. Perhaps the extra year he had to take off after shoulder surgery was a blessing in disguise. I’m impressed. Can I interest any of you in some AARP insurance? Fixodent? Diapers?


  6. Oh, I must have forgotten to tell you the golden rule. No making fun of old men.


    • Mike Sacha

      I like it more and more everyday!


  7. Mike Sacha

    Phil…Dodgersyat? Yat?????


  8. Mike Sacha

    I love that. I am so pissed I have missed so much of your great writing. It’s nice to have a place to hang out. Though , as a Bob Seger fan I must say as live albums go Live Bullet kills Nine Tonight. Long Twin Silver Line (Against the Wind) is a great, underappreciated song.


    • When I started this blog back in May I sent a group email to everyone who I thought might be interested but I have to admit I was disappointed that the only person to reply to the email was Jon Weisman. I always wondered if the email got caught in spam because it had so many on the list. I have put about 20 links over on TBLA in the comments whenever someone is talking about something and I know I had written about it here. I get a lot of hits when I do that, but they don’t keep coming back. When Gary showed up and started to let me know he was reading, that lifted my spirits. I wish Jim would go back where he came from:)


      • Mike Sacha

        Haha…Yeah, Jim is trouble. I miss Gary. We had lunch like a year or more ago. I need to call him. Do you know if he is still in Denver???


      • jimhitchcock

        Can I flag you, or would that be considered bad form”

        Liked by 1 person

  9. I may still run into Live Bullet as I keep going. He was a favorite of my brothers and I taped alot of his stuff. We saw him live several times. One time all of my brothers went to a show at the forum and Chris of (Paul, Peter, Chris, Tom) saw the playlist but didn’t let my brother know that and he kept telling Peter what song was next. Peter thought he was a savant for one night. Peter was just a little naive and didn’t know about playlists. It was a fun night.


    • Mike Sacha

      Haha. That’s funny. I’ve seen him many times too. as recently as 5 or 6 years ago at the Forum. He’s done but it was still fun. Is there a way on your site to know when there are new comments???? Live Bullet is what made him a rock star.


  10. Good question, we have such few comments I don’t know much about the process. I get an email whenever someone comments. If it is a new person I have to approve the first comment, after that, I just get notified of the comment. I see a little box right below this comment as I’m typing that you can click that says [ ] Notify me of new comments via email so I’m guessing if you click that it will let you know via email. As far as when on the page, I’m not sure how conducive this software is for having a real-time conversation but I’ll ask around.


  11. I meant El Camino Gary not Gary Scott. Last I heard (seveal weeks ago) Gary is still in Colorado. We met his new fiance a few weeks ago when he brought her out to LA. She was very sweet, from the midwest. Gary might or not might read stuff here. He does respond now and again to my tweets.


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