Put a sock in it

Went to the Clipper game via metro last night to watch them throttle the Knicks. On the ride in a Laker fan laughed at my Clipper hat.

Me – “why you laughing at my hat”

Laker Fan – “because you guys think you’re so hot now because you won a few games, but how many titles have you won?”

Me – “being a Dodger fan I remember when I used to taunt the Giants fans with something close to that comment. Something like we got 5 rings, you got nada.

Me – “I’m just a fan, but I can understand the frustration of being a Laker fan right now. Your team is about to do something that the Clippers have never done”

Laker Fan – “what is that”

Me – “win less than 30 games four years in a row”

Laker Fan – “bullshit, your sorry ass franchise was built on losing”

Me – “yeah, we were, but we were never as bad as the Lakers have been over this four-year stretch”

Laker Fan – “whatever, you’ll never win a championship, and the only reason your any good now is because the commish screwed the Lakers out of Chris Paul”

Me – “always comes back to that “.

Laker Fan – “anyway, we are only losing because we are tanking to get the best draft picks. You guys just sucked”

Me – “whatever”

Laker Fan – “besides Magic is going to get us back on track”

Me – “I hope so, it would certainly help me sell my Laker tickets”


1 Comment

  1. 68elcamino427

    Historical low ebb for the Lakers.

    An example of the pitfalls on nepotism.


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