Ryu throwing a monkey wrench into rotation plans?

Of all the options that were being considered for the rotation after the big three (Kershaw, Maeda, Hill) Ryu was the longest shot among Kazmir, McCarthy, Wood, Urias, Stewart, and Stripling.

That long shot may end up paying as Ryu pitched three solid innings against the Cubs yesterday and declared that he is planning on winning a rotation spot to start the year. With each outing,  his velocity moves closer to his norm and his command has looked Ryu like.

With Scott Kazmir likely headed for the DL to start the season, Stewart unable to throw, and Urias with very limited innings so far the competition is starting to thin out, and it is between Wood and Ryu for that last spot. McCarthy looks to have the four spot sewn up unless health or Steve Blass intervene over the next few weeks.

Even if Ryu does win the spot that is no guarantee he can hold it as he will need to pitch effectively to hold off Kazmir, Wood, and Urias. The odds though are lower now than they were entering spring. Just off the top of my head, I would have put Ryu at 50  / 1 to crack the opening day rotation. I think we are down to 5/1 that Ryu will be pitching in the rotation on May 1st.


  1. 68elcamino427

    Ryu looks like he is back
    That is a fine pitcher if true.

    He makes the rotation if he is close to or even with Wood
    Because CONTRACT!

    Kershaw –


  2. 68elcamino427

    Ryu looks like he is back
    That is a fine pitcher if true.

    He makes the rotation if he is close to or even with Wood
    Because CONTRACT!

    Your NO OPTIONS Pitchers

    Stewart finds himself on the DL opening day
    with Kazmir, who is attempting to remodel his delivery again at the age of 33 and having thrown 1,689 MLB IP over 12 seasons.
    Maeda makes this
    Not a problem!

    It would be nice if McCarthy and Ryu still had options remaining
    They could do a nice cakewalk accompanied by Urias taking turns resting up throughout the season.
    However, this is not the case, the 10 Day DL could work just as well though …

    Given the number of pitchers the Dodgers have used over the past two seasons
    The Dodgers are “overdue” (as my grandpa used to say) for the SPs to stay healthy all year in 2017.

    5/1 this happens???

    Ready to go when needed
    Oaks – 140 Milb IP 2016
    Sierra – 25 years old, big contract, can he do it???

    SPs Fine Tuning Their Skills
    Player, Age, Hood’s Ranking, IP 2016
    Alvarez, 21, 2, 59
    Buehler, 23, 3, 5
    Abdullah, 19, 9, 72
    White, 22, 10, 22

    Other SP in the system getting older now
    23 Sborz
    23 Sokol
    24 Barlow
    25 Thurman
    26 Font

    RP getting along
    23 Griggs
    24 Rhame
    24 Barlow
    25 Anderson
    25 Griggs
    26 Cash
    27 Younginer
    28 Schlosser

    Pitching, Pitching, Pitching!
    Dodgers have some trade chips here in the 24+ crowd!


  3. Bill Plunkett is reporting that Kershaw/Maeda/Hill/McCarthy/Wood look to be opening the season in the rotation with Ryu either hitting the DL or extended spring training. Kazmir will start on the DL. Up in the air is Urias hitting extended spring training or AAA.

    Fairly certain that Sierra is now a relief pitcher option only.

    Trevor Oaks

    Seems unlikely the team will hold onto Buehler / Alvarez / White, as you say quite a stable of trade chips and you can see why Jose De Leon was considered expendable. What will they cash in those chips on?


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