Los Angeles Angels and Los Angeles Dodgers are 11 – 1 in Cactus League play

When you take a peek at the spring training standings you’ll notice a strange sight with both Los Angeles teams leading their respective leagues.

Or course there is only one Los Angeles baseball team but the other team that uses the moniker of Los Angeles has now won seventeen straight cactus league games. They are 6 – 0 in 2017 after winning their last eleven games last year.

It doesn’t mean anything but that doesn’t make it any less amazing.

How many people are wondering who Henry Ramos is these days?

How many months will Drew Jackson be in the Dodger organization before they trade him after acquiring him a few days ago?

It didn’t take Sergio Romo long to warm the hearts of Dodger fans who have hated him for years.

With starting infielders Logan Forsythe and Justin Turner both getting lubricant injections into their knees are they going to be known as the Lube Brothers?

Dustin Nosler goes in-depth on the recent Chase De Jong / Drew Jackson trade



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