Final fWAR iteration

We have done the best fWAR for pitchers for this decade and the last ten years.

We have done the best fWAR for hitters for this decade, so now it is time to do best in the last ten years.

This will be my post on the work that Bobby Down did with fWAR. Time for him to get cracking on something else that will pique my interest.

You have to be sick of how great Trout is, but here is in 3rd place having only played five of the last ten years. He’s almost caught two HOF who played the entire ten years.

Hey look at that. Chase Utley is fifth.

Ex-Dodgers and current Dodgers on this list:

Adrian Beltre – future HOF, remains many a Dodger fans favorite even though he’s been gone over a decade now. Biggest mistake Depodesta ever made was not being more aggressive in signing him the in the fall of 2004.

Chase Utley – his HOF case will be curious, hard to get in as a second baseman but if Pedrioa gets in and he doesn’t shit should happen.  Anyone who didn’t enjoy watching Chase play 2nd base last year for the Dodgers is a tool.

Adrian Gonzalez – here he is, one of the most consistent hitters of the past ten years.

Hanley Ramirez – for a few months as a Dodger, Hanley simply terrorized pitchers. Ned might get into the Dodgers top five trades of all time with his heist of Hanley for Eovaldi.

Russell Martin – For several years Martin was my favorite Dodger and I thought destined for greatness and then he wasn’t. Yet he recovered from his down seasons to become one of the most consistent catchers of the past ten years not named Yadier Molina.

Jayson Werth – Yeah Ned, Jayson Werth. Wrists take time to heal.





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  1. 68elcamino427

    As Kershaw is to pitching
    Trout is to position players


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