Baseball America Dodger Prospect Centric chat

Baseball America did a top 100 prospect chat several days ago. Since the Dodgers have numerous prospects in the top 100 let’s see what they had to say specifically about the Dodger prospects.

Could they be any more giddy about Bellinger?

Tony (Lakeland, FL): Who is the most likely of the top 100 to hit 50 homers in a season?
John Manuel: We went 70 grade power on Cody Bellinger, Eloy Jimenez, Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Hunter Renfroe and Aaron Judge. If I were picking one from that group, it would be Vlad Jr. first, Bellinger a close second. If Renfroe played elsewhere than Petco, I could see him having a crazy year where it all clicks and he approaches that.

Dan (Bakersfield): Is a .265/.350/.500 line realistic for Bellinger at peak? Do you expect him to be a better hitter than Joc Pederson?
John Manuel: Yes, I do think he’ll be better, I actually think that line sells his peak short. He’s a better pure hitter than Pederson with similar power, and he’s a whiz at first base defensively. We’re all in on Bellinger. I could see him peaking north of a .550 slugging with 35-40 homers, again, at his peak. It has a chance to be a very special bat.

Grant (NYC): Let's stir things up a bit - which player's name caused the most amount of argument between you BA staffers when putting this list together?
John Manuel: We definitely have worked hard to come up with a No. 4 pitching prospect. We had a clear consensus on Reyes, then Martes, then Anderson Espinoza . . . then after that it was a difficult time to line up those pitchers. Keller vs. Glasnow vs. Giolito, then Y. Alvarez vs. De Leon vs. Honeywell vs. Lopez vs. Kopech vs. Josh Hader. There is not a lot of separation between those nine pitchers. It’s very hard to come up with a consensus for those pitchers, and that debate took up a lot of our Top 100 meeting.

Ryan (USA): If Alvarez continues to dominate except at a higher level, could he move into the top 5 next year?
Kyle Glaser: Hey there, I’ve officially taken the baton. I do think that if Yadier Alvarez dominates the Cal League and rises up to AA with more excellent performance this year, he very well could be a top 5 prospect in the 2018 BA Top 100. Stuff is that good, now it’s just a matter of sharpening it and showing he can hold up under a full workload of innings against more advanced hitters

Hal (Fontana): Does Y. Alvarez have the mechanics to improve his control by a grade, and if so, would he have a shot at headlining this list a year from now? What's his upside?
Kyle Glaser: His upside is a true No. 1 starter. In regards to your mechanics question, that’s what the minors and player development is for. He’ll work to improve them, and we’ll see if it clicks. Only one way to find out

Mo (Miami, FL): Who would you consider to be better at playing second base - Isan Diaz or Willie Calhoun?
John Manuel: Diaz, no question. Calhoun ranks ahead because of the power, and for me, I see Willie winding up in left field as a Khris Davis type, only with more of a feel for hitting.

Tiny Lister (Compton, CA): Who was the guy that didn't make the top 100 consensus, but that you fought the hardest for inclusion?
Matt Eddy: Some of my picks to click who didn’t make the Top 100 were Brock Stewart (Dodgers) and Scott Kingery and Roman Quinn (Phillies). Some others with carrying tools who deserve mention: Padres 2B Luis Urias (hit), Reds OF Aristides Aquino (power), Cardinals OF Magneuris Sierra (speed, defense), Twins RHP Fernando Rodney (power stuff, plus control) and potential power-speed outfielders Desmond Lindsay (Mets) and Jesus Sanchez (Rays).



  1. 68elcamino427

    I love that the Dodgers have put the organization in a place where I can read options such as these regarding prospects in the minors.

    This is light years beyond the players were were following in 2006.


  2. 68elcamino427

    Options = opinions in auto spell


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