Tape Chronicles

I recently re-did my music library and had to make a decision about my cassette recordings. Back in the day,  you recorded your albums onto tapes so you could listen to them on the drive,  in your ha ha Sony Walkman, or the boombox you took to the beach.


I had made well over 100 recordings, using my state of the art Yamaha K-340 cassette recorder back in the 80’s and early 90’s. Many of these recordings were from borrowed albums from my older brother Chris who had an extensive LP collection.

A few years ago with great trepidation,  I had simply thrown out my over 200 8-Track collection.  I’ve kept the tapes and the albums the tapes were made from. Do I simply jettison them or what? I figured that just about all of the music on the tapes I could stream via Amazon Prime. I had replaced most of them with CD’s or had ripped the original albums to my digital music library.


Yet, I still had the premium Yamaha and so I plugged a cassette into it to see how it would sound. The 40-year fifty pound JBL Speakers still sounded fantastic.  The tape quality was OK, they were after all cassette tapes.

So what I ‘ve decided to do was listen to each tape and write about it as a way for me to mark a time in my distant past. I had numbered each tape when I recorded it, so I can start with number one and go from there.

Number Artist Album Year URL
1 X Live at the Whiskey 1987 https://dodgersyat.com/2017/02/09/tape-chronicles-one-x-whiskey-a-go-go/
2A Neil Young Harvest 1972 https://dodgersyat.com/2017/02/12/tape-chronicles-2-neil-young-harvest-harvest-moon/
2B Neil Young Harvest Moon 1974
3 Bob Seger Nine Tonight 1981 https://dodgersyat.com/2017/02/13/tc-3-bob-seger-nine-tonight/
4a Buffalo Springfield Restrospective 1969 https://dodgersyat.com/2017/02/14/tc-4-buffalo-springfield-neil-young-poco/
4b Neil Young Zuma 1975
4c Poco Legend 1972
5 Neil Young Decades Sides 1-3 1977 https://dodgersyat.com/2017/02/15/tc-56-neil-young-decades/
6 Neil Young Decades Sides 4-6 1977 https://dodgersyat.com/2017/02/15/tc-56-neil-young-decades/
7A Fleetwood Mac Heroes are hard to find 1974 https://dodgersyat.com/2017/02/15/tc-7-fleetwood-mac-bare-trees-heroes-are-hard-to-find/
7B Fleetwood Mac Bare Trees 1972 https://dodgersyat.com/2017/02/15/tc-7-fleetwood-mac-bare-trees-heroes-are-hard-to-find/



    1. Tape Chronicles – 2 – Neil Young Harvest & Harvest Moon | Dodgers, Yesterday and Today
    2. Tape Chronicles – One – X – Whiskey A Go Go | Dodgers, Yesterday and Today
    3. TC – 3 – Bob Seger – Nine Tonight | Dodgers, Yesterday and Today
    4. TC – 4 – Buffalo Springfield / Neil Young / Poco | Dodgers, Yesterday and Today
    5. TC – 5/6 – Neil Young – Decades | Dodgers, Yesterday and Today
    6. TC – 7 – Fleetwood Mac – Bare Trees / Heroes are hard to find | Dodgers, Yesterday and Today
    7. TC – 9 – Neil Young – Sleeps with Angels / Freedom | Dodgers, Yesterday and Today

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