Ex-Dodgers receive 334 HOF votes

The complete list of 2017 HOF votes

  • Jeff Kent – 74 votes (16.7%)
  • Manny Ramirez – 105 votes (23%)
  • Gary Sheffield – 59 votes (13.3%)
  • Fred McGriff – 96 votes (21.7)
  • Casey Blake and JD Drew got zip
  • Dodger killer of dreams Matt Stairs got zip

Gary Sheffield has quite a HOF case and gets little recognition. As David Young noted on TBLA comments, Sheffield has over 500 home runs and 1000 XBH. When you look that up, the only players not in the HOF who did that were PED users Bonds/ Sosa/ Palmeiro, future HOF Thome, possible future HOF ARod, future HOF Pujols, future HOF David Ortiz, Manny Ramirez and Gary Sheffield. 

Jeff Kent has the following numbers to his credit:

For 2nd baseman in the history of baseball:

  • Most home runs by a second baseman with 377
  • Third most doubles with 560
  • Second most RBI with 1518
  • Second highest slugging % at .500
  • Tenth most hits at 2461
  • Ninth most runs at 1320
  • Fourth highest OPS at .855
  • Tenth highest OPS+ at 123

Kent may not have been much of a defensive 2nd baseman but when you are in the top ten of just about every offensive number, you might get a little more respect than 74 votes. Kent can take solace that the HOF simply doesn’t like second baseman. Lou Whitaker and Bobby Grich know this all too well. 

Manny Ramirez should simply have retired after 2008 and I expect he’d have waltzed in.



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