Dipping into DIPS

Fangraphs released their 2017 Dodger DIPS a few days ago. I like to compare projection systems from the previous year to see what they got right.

These were the 2016 Dodger DIPS, and this was the 2016 Actual Dodger stats. 

You can click on the links to see the details but for this comparison,  I’m going to use wOBA:

Player DIPS2017 Actual2016 DIPS2016 Comments
Yasiel Puig 0.352 0.320 0.360 Whiff to the downside
Justin Turner 0.346 0.353 0.355 Nailed it
Joc Pederson 0.340 0.360 0.335 Whiff to the upside
Yasmani Grandal 0.340 0.350 0.332 Whiff to the upside
Corey Seager 0.338 0.372 0.326 Whiff to the upside
Adrian Gonzalez 0.326 0.334 0.329 Nailed it
Scott Van Slyke 0.325 0.267 0.339 Whiff to the downside
Cody Bellinger 0.323 NA 0.291 Not Applicable
Rob Segedin 0.323 0.292 NoDips Not Applicable
O’Koyea Dickson 0.320 NA NoDips Not Applicable
Willie Calhoun 0.313 NA 0.304 Not Applicable
Andre Ethier 0.311 0.263 0.327 Whiff to the downside, but SSS
Andrew Toles 0.310 0.365 NoDips Not Applicable
Darin Ruf 0.308 0.245 0.309 Whiff to the downside, but SSS
Austin Barnes 0.307 0.222 0.303 Whiff to the downside, but SSS
Trayce Thompson 0.307 0.318 0.299 Whiff to the upside
Alex Verdugo 0.305 NA 0.307 Not Applicable
Chris Taylor 0.304 0.260 0.299 Whiff to the downside, but SSS
Tim Locastro 0.301 NA NoDips Not Applicable
Edwin Rios 0.297 NA NoDips Not Applicable
Kiké Hernandez 0.292 0.270 0.306 Whiff to the downside
Chase Utley 0.291 0.312 0.289 Whiff to the upside
Yusniel Diaz 0.291 NA NoDips Not Applicable
Jacob Scavuzzo 0.291 NA 0.278 Not Applicable
Johan Mieses 0.285 NA 0.289 Not Applicable
Erick Mejia 0.267 NA NoDips Not Applicable
Charlie Culberson 0.265 0.288 0.276 Nailed it
Kyle Farmer 0.264 NA 0.274 Not Applicable
Jack Murphy 0.249 NA NoDips Not Applicable
Bobby Wilson 0.249 NA NoDips Not Applicable

DIPS2017 is once again optimistic that Puig’s best days are not behind him.
My expectations are that they whiffed once again on what Seager will do. That wOBA will be between .350 and .375. Joc will also surprise to the upside.


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