No reunion with Rubby


Old friend Rubby De La Rosa re-signed with the Diamondbacks on a minor league deal this past week.  His late season arm issues put a damper on his services but in a winter where pitching is at a premium,  I’m still surprised that all he was able to muster was a minor league deal.

De La Rosa will earn $750K upon making the big league roster and also can earn an additional $3.5MM via incentives,

Since he’s going to move to the bullpen I guess the incentives will be games pitched or active days on the roster. The Diamondbacks saved the $3MM he might have made in arbitration, and with this contract only have to pay Rubby the $3.5MM if he earns it compared to getting $3MM in arbitration and possibly suffering from an injury-plagued 2017 season.

If Rubby proves healthy the Diamondbacks will move him to the bullpen, which is probably where he belongs and where I thought he’d bring the most benefit to any team taking a chance on him. When healthy he has the stuff to become a solid bullpen option like many of the ex-starters that have found new life in a bullpen after floundering with success as a starter.

Don’t be surprised if Rubby becomes a solid back-end bullpen option for the Diamondbacks as the season moves along.

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  1. 68elcamino427

    The fortunes of De,LA Rosa and Webster sure do put a perspective on the value of young hot shot pitching prospects.
    The Dodgers didn’t have a system brimming with talent in the minors when these guys were traded, as they do today.
    I’d like to see the ratio of the total of hot pitching prospects vs those who make it to a thousand MLB IP.


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