Who will stay, who will go

The hot stove is heating up and by the end of the week, it appears very likely that the Dodgers will be adding some new blood while saying good-bye to old friends, or never were friends.  This is an exciting time for fans but a strange week for players as they wait to see where they will be playing in the future.

The Dodger 40 man roster currently sits at 39. The Dodgers are expected to sign Rich Hill but they may be delaying that action as they work to clear more space on the 40-man roster.

Veteran Dodgers likely to get moved this week include either Scott Kazmir or Brandon McCarthy or both.  Yasiel Puig’s name keeps getting mentioned. Along with the veterans if the Dodgers do make little or big trades you can expect some prospects to get moved.

Names being mentioned this hot stove include:

Andrew McCutchen, Brian Dozier, Ian Kinsler, and Yangervis Solarte.

Supposedly Justin Turner and Rich Hill are still very much in the Dodger wide angle lens.

This past July I listed the Dodger prospect list and the prospects I least wanted to get traded. Montas was on that list and he was in the Rich Hill trade. Since that time several prospect sites have upgraded their lists so this is what the top thirty Dodger prospect list currently looks like sorted by MLB ranking.

I’ve sorted by the MLB prospect rank, but have also included the Rotowire and Fangraphs Dodger prospect rankings.  As you can see Cody Bellinger is either 1 or 2. Fangraphs is much higher on Yadier Alveraz than they are on Jose De Leon as is Rotowire. Alex Verdugo has the honor of being ranked number three across the board. Rotowire is higher on Starling Heredia than anyone else. DJ Peters pops in on both Fangraphs and Rotowire while being ignored by MLB. Andrew Toles for some reason does not have a fan at MLB but both Rotowire and Fangraphs like him very much. MLB goes 30 deep, Fangraphs goes 21 deep, Rotowire only goes 10 deep.

Prospect BirthDate MLB Rotowire Fangraphs POS
Cody Bellinger 7/13/1995 1 1 (15) 2 1st/OF
Jose De Leon 8/7/1992 2 6 (79) 4 SP
Alex Verdugo* 5/15/1996 3 3 (42) 3 CF
Willie Calhoun* 11/4/1994 4 4 (74) 6 2nd
Yadier Alvarez 3/7/1996 5 2 (25) 1 SP
Yusniel Diaz 10/7/1996 6 5 (81) 9 CF
Walker Buehler 7/28/1994 7 7 (126) 5 SP
Jordan Sheffield 6/1/1995 8 10 SP
Gavin Lux* 11/23/1997 9 12 SS
Austin Barnes 12/28/1989 10 11 C
Will Smith 3/28/1995 11 14 C
Omar Estevez 2/25/1998 12 18 2b/SS
Starling Heredia 2/6/1999 13 8 (135) 16 OF
Brock Stewart 10/3/1991 14 7 SP
Josh Sborz 12/17/1993 15 SP
Imani Abdullah 4/20/1997 16 17 SP
Chase De Jong 12/29/1993 17 SP
Brendon Davis 7/27/1997 18 SS
Jacob Rhame 3/16/1993 19 RP
Jacob Scavuzzo 1/15/1994 20 OF
Micah Johnson* 12/18/1990 21 2nd/OF
Ronny Brito 3/22/1999 22 SS
Johan Mieses 7/13/1995 23 SS
Kyle Farmer 8/17/1990 24 C
Keibert Ruiz 7/20/1998 25 13 C
Edwin Rios* 4/21/1994 26 1st/3rd
Mitch Hansen* 5/1/1996 27 OF
Andrew Toles* 5/24/1992 28 9 (137) 8 RC/CF
Mitchell White 12/28/1994 29 15 SP
Trevor Oaks 3/26/1993 30 SP
D.J. Peters 12/12/1995 10 (143) 18 OF
Dustin May 9/6/1997 19 SP
Yaisel Sierra 6/5/1991 19 RP


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