Dodgers raise prices, cite supply and demand

Just like last winter the Dodgers have substantially raised prices once again leaving some fans wondering if the upfront cost of the tickets is worth the knowledge that you’ll have tickets for the World Series.  Especially given the fact the Dodgers can’t seem to get into a World Series.

“I knew it was going to go up,” he said. “I had no idea it was going to go up in one fell swoop.”

He said he plans to keep his seats, but said he spoke Thursday with a friend that plans to drop two of his four top-deck season seats and another friend that plans to cancel her loge-level seats and buy tickets to individual games instead.

Snoberger said fans could find thousands of seats available on StubHub and other resale sites for many games last season.

I was in this position last winter. I ended up giving up my season seats because:

  • I don’t attend as many games because of the pain in the ass travel from Woodland Hills
  • I can’t give away the tickets anymore because I don’t work in an office anymore
  • I felt I could get better seats at a better price on Stubhub for the games I wanted to attend.

The downside was not having the security of knowing I would have tickets to the World Series if they ever got there.

It worked out well. Especially after I started using Seatgeek instead of Stubhub. I could easily purchase Field or Loge seats will below the retail price. The freedom of buying individual tickets on an as needed basis worked well during the season. If even worked well during the NLDS because most season ticket holders couldn’t care less about the NLDS and sold their tickets at or below retail. The only hiccup came during the NLCS and I was lucky enough to go via David Young.

If the Dodgers had gone to the World Series I would have had a problem. The tickets would have been 350 plus for the worst seats and I still don’t know if I’d ponied up for it or not.

But even if I had kept my season seats, the World Series tickets would have cost me $350 per ticket anyway and I probably would have sold them.

So either way, I probably wasn’t going to the World Series. But Kershaw and company made that a moot decision.

Anyway, it looks like the Dodgers will keep raising prices until the demand says you’ve gone to far.

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  1. 68elcamino427

    Yes, Guggenheim announced they would be raising prices continuously soon after they acquired the Dodgers.
    Magic Johnson even commented on this at the time, saying the pricing model would be similar to what the Lakers have done in the NBA.
    The majority of season seats sales have always been purchased by companies who use the tickets as favors for their customers. So it is easy to see the rationale of increasing the cost for the prime sedating. The companies will continue to pay and the team will continue to raise prices until they reach the point of diminishing returns.
    I reached this point in 2010, when I discontinued my purchase of mini plans and instead went the stub hub and now seatgeek route.
    Inflation is real, things cost more at the store. The regular family has a difficult time justifying laying out the dough for the tickets to a ball game when they are struggling to keep their kids in fresh milk and new shoes. Even back in the day when I had Dodgers tickets to offer to my customers for free, some would turn them down if I was not planning on going with them to buy the food and drink to put on my expense account, telling me they just didn’t have the money available in their budget to pay for the food and drink at the prices asked for inside the stadium.
    The good news is, if you want to see real baseball played, you can still go see Milb games, college games, Junior College games and HS games.

    As for the MLB, it’s all about SHOW ME THE MONEY!
    I don’t begrudge the player’s nor the owners for trying to eek out every penny they can out of the game.
    I do know people who have dropped out of following professional sports because they resent the amounts of money the people are being paid. This was particularly true each time there is a work stoppage in a sport.
    I will admit that there were times last season that I felt silly during a game for spending so much money to sit in the area that I enjoy.
    Probably means that it will make me less likely to do so as often in the future.


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