Cory Seager did it all

At no time in Dodger history has a postseason review of the shortstop position been so positive.  Cory Seager did everything and more, not only will he run away with the NL ROY but he’ll probably be a top five MVP vote getter.

The Los Angeles Dodgers have an amazing history of rookies, but the 22-year-old shortstop was able to put his name in the top five of just about every offensive category.  It is hard to top what Mike Piazza did in 1993, and Yasiel Puig in 2013 but Seager did make his mark. Let’s see how he did against all the LAD rookies in history.

LAD Rookie Leaderboard 400 PA Minimum

  • 1st with 105 runs scored.
  • 1st with 193 hits
  • 1st with 40 doubles
  • 2nd in bWAR at 6.1. 1993 ROY and HOF Mike Piazza was first with 7.0
  • 2nd most in Games played at 157. 1969 ROY Ted Sizemore is 1st at 159
  • 2nd in Plate Appearances with 687, 1982 ROY Steve Sax is 1st with 699.
  • 2nd with 26 home runs. 1993 ROY and HOF Mike Piazza was first with 35
  • 3rd in OPS+ at 137, Yasiel Puig is first at 159
  • Tied for 3rd in BA at .308 with Andre Ethier. Yasiel Puig is first at .319.
  • 3rd in OBP at .365. Yasiel Puig is first at .399
  • 4th in Slug% at .512. 1993 ROY and HOF Mike Piazza is 1st at .561
  • 5th in RBI with 72. 1993 ROY and HOF Mike Piazza was first with 112
  • 5th in ISO at .204. 1993 ROY and HOF Mike Piazza was first with .243
  • 6th in walks with 54. Joc Pederson was first with 92 in 2015.

That is how Seager fared as a Rookie for the Dodgers.

How about as a Rookie SS in NL history with at least 400 plate appearances?

  • 1st in hits
  • 1st in OPS+
  • 2nd in fWAR to Troy Tulowitzki
  • 2nd doubles to 2006 Hanley Ramirez
  • 2nd in home runs to Trevor Story – quite a story for a guy who didn’t play after July 30th.
  • 2nd in Runs to 2006 Hanley Ramirez
  • 2nd in slug% to Trevor Story
  • Mind blown, three rookie Shortstops in NL history have the three best ISO, and they all happened in 2016. Trevor Story is 1st at .295, Aledmys Diaz at .210, and Cory Seager at .204
  • 3rd in OPS to Story and Diaz – amazing crop of NL shortstops in 2016.
  • 4th in Plate Appearances, Games, and At-bats
  • 6th in RBI, BA, and OBP


Yeah, an amazing year for the LAD shortstop Cory Seager. He was much better on defense than advertised and looks like he’ll be the Dodger shortstop in the future. At least that position looks settled.









  1. 68elcamino427

    Observing a player day in day out, every game, it is easy to get lulled to sleep, easy to just go with the flow day by day. Especially when a player makes it look so easy, so effortless.
    Only the great ones can make the difficult look easy.
    Then you step back and appreciate the totality of all that has been accomplished.
    Kinda like when you have seen a young child of a relative or friend and then upon seeing them again months later, my how they have changed.
    My goodness, only twenty two years old, high character, a clean lifestyle, with the demeanor and approach to the game of a Gonzalez or Utley.

    This young man obviously has a very special gift.
    Saying that he has a chance to surpass Bonds is not hyperbolic.

    Offer Seager a ten year $300 mil. contract today.



  1. Corey Seager picks up 3rd LAD unaminous ROY | Dodgers, Yesterday and Today

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