Cubs do everything, Dodgers do nothing

Instead of changing Dodger history, the Dodgers decided to replicate the 2013 game six failure. In that elimination game six with Kershaw on the mound on the road the Dodgers lost 9 0 to the Cardinals.

Last night they only lost 5 -0 because Dave Roberts used Kenley Jansen to finish up the game and season.

Much like that game the Dodgers brought nothing to the table.

No Defense – Toles dropping a simple fly ball continued the trend of bad defense over the final three games and set the stage for Dodger game six failure.

No Baserunning – Josh Reddick was one of the few Dodgers to reach base and was not only picked off, he was as out as you will ever see on a pickoff.

No Starting pitching –  Kershaw was extremely hittable, as line drive after line drove the stake into the Dodger heart.

No Offense – Toles started the game with sharp single to right but before you could say Cory S……… he had hit into a double play and that would be the extent of the Dodger offense.

In this Series it seems that the roll of the dice were not in play. This was not a crap shoot, the better team won, and will be advancing to the World Series for the first time since 1945, and will be trying to win their first World Series since 1908.

I wish them well. I can’t imagine the World Series being competitive since I have no idea how the Indians are in the World Series given the rotation they currently possess. This will be the second team to try to win a World Championship back to back by shutting down a team from the 6th inning on. Andrew Miller got lots of rest between the ALCS and the World Series and he may need it.



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