Back to Chicago

where the Dodgers will pin their hopes that Kershaw and Hill can deliver two wins to the shell shocked team.

Nothing has gone right over the last two nights, starting pitching, relief pitching, defense, and offense all failed resulting in two blowouts by the Cubs.

No need for a recap, it was all ugly.

Roberts picked a bizarre strategy against Jon Lester, so the only highlight for the Dodgers was Kiké Hernandez dancing off first base like a loose gorilla.


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  1. 68elcamino427

    Hernandez could have scored, had he just taken 2B.

    His antics on the basepaths were an embarrassment to himself and the team.

    If this was a coaching strategy, what a flop.

    The thing that I felt was really ridiculous was when every Dodger baserunner taking the huge lead off 1B took a step back towards first as Lester started to the plate. If Lester had elected to go to first instead, every runner would have been meat.

    Only Howard Kendrick made it work.
    Even Justin Turner made it to 2B.


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