LAD Postseason home run trivia

The grand slam is the holy grail but the three-run home run almost does the same amount of damage and is just as close to my heart. Vin Scully loved cheers, and nothing brings out the roar of the crowd like a three run or grand slam home run.

Here are some LAD postseason trivia on those types of home runs:

  • Thirteen LAD have hit at least a three-run home run.
  • Ron Cey is the only LAD to hit two three-run home runs in the postseason
  • The LAD are 11 – 3 when they hit a three-run home run in the postseason
  • Three Dodgers have hit grand slams – Cey on 10/4/77, Baker on 10/5/77, Loney 10/1/08. Did you notice the back to back grand slams on 10/4 and 10/5  in 1977.
  • The Dodgers are surprisingly  only 2 – 1 when they hit a grand slam in the postseason. They lost 7 – 5 to the Phillies on 10/4/77. So that back to back grand slams on 10/4 and 10/5 only netted one victory.
  • No LAD has hit a grand slam later than 10/5.
  • The single game three-run home run players are: Crawford, Lopes, Baker, Kendrick, Roseboro, Gibby, Manny, Marshall, Pedro, Smith, Garvey, Yeager

Other notable home run performances would be those who have hit multiple home runs in a postseason game.

  • Steve Garvey is the only LAD to hit two home runs in one game more than once
  • Duke Snider as a Brooklyn Dodger hit two home runs in one game twice.
  • Charlie Neal did it in the first World Series for the LAD in 1959.  Neal hit a solo and two-run shot to give the Dodgers the victory 4 – 3 in the 2nd game. It was the first LAD World Series victory.
  • Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford, Shawn Green, Eric Karros, Davey Lopes Steve Garvey, Charlie Neal, and Duke Snider all hit two home runs in one game.



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