Going down the checklist

Last night I noted what the Dodgers might need to do to win a game five. How did they do?

Corey Seager to get a hit outside of the 1st inning  – negatory

Rich Hill to get fifteen outs and a lead – negatory

Yaz Grandal to not leave the bases loaded – another bad game

Adrian Gonzalez to continue on the hot streak he started Wednesday – negatory

Turner to continue to break postseason records – Booming game-deciding triple

Trea Turner to never reach base – only once in five at-bat, and did not score

Daniel Murphy to stop tormenting the Dodgers – it took Kershaw but it worked

Werth to remember he’s an old shaggy dog left fielder – he was still a bit of a thorn but he did get thrown out at home in an important play of the game

Josh Reddick to not make Dodger fans wish Puig was starting – I think we all felt Puig would have thrown out the Nationals first run of the game

Toles a chance to use his speed – he did get to the ball faster than the 3rd base coach expected and his relay to Seager was a big part of why Werth was dead meat at home

The bullpen to continue to do what they do – it was  not conventional and there was one hiccup but all in all, THEY KICKED ASS




  1. Last night on the TBLA game thread chat I did have one cool moment.
    As Joc was swinging I posted this

    After Joc hits his solo home run do you let Urias hit?

    Posted by Phil Gurnee on Oct 13, 2016 | 7:36 PM reply

    By the time the post appeared, the home run was on the way. Woo hoo


  2. 68elcamino427

    Just before Turner’s triple I was going to post “Balls to the walls” , just because of the way the Dodgers had been playing .


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