Three years ago today Juan Uribe lit up LA

The Dodgers have had several notable games on October 7th, but maybe none more memorable than the Juan Uribe game on 10/7/2013.

Eric Stephen had all the special moments.

Craig Minami and I were seated in the Loge down the left field line so we got a great view of that majestic home run. I feel this game is one of the top five games I’ve attended because of the magnitude and excitement. This game was known for several things:

  • In the bottom of the 8th, the Braves best pitcher was left standing in the bullpen with his hands on his hips when Uribe hit the home run instead of being called upon to pitch to Uribe. Probably because they expected Uribe to bunt.
  • Uribe tried to bunt first but failed, and then hit the home run that put the Dodgers into the NLCS.
  • Clayton Kershaw basically shut out the Braves for six innings but left the game tied 2 – 2 because of an error by Adrian Gonzalez so both runs were unearned. On 10/7/2013 and 10/12/2013 Kershaw gave up zero earned runs in both starts. Those are the only starts of his postseason career where he has not given up an earned run.
  • Carl Crawford hit two home runs  in first two at-bats. That would be all the scoring the Dodgers would get until Uribe hit his two-run home run with Puig on base after Puig had hit a leadoff double(so much for the Puig can’t hit in the postseason)

Vin Scully had this famous comment:

“Isn’t it amazing what somebody can do when he can’t bunt,” Scully said.

Juan Uribe had one of those strange Dodger careers. When he was signed as a free agent I was not happy about the signing  and wrote about my unhappiness with the acquisition. A year later it looked like I had been right as rain, as Uribe was horrible his first year with the Dodgers. In his 2nd year he was still horrible but for some reason, I had started to like him. His smile, his defense, his optimism even though his career looked over. Many thought or hoped Uribe would get released over the winter as Luis Cruz was now the incumbent 3rd baseman. Ned stayed with Uribe and that proved to be a prudent move by Ned as Cruz had his bubble pop from the get go, and luckily for the Dodgers, Juan Uribe was there to bail out the horrible decision to start the season with Luis Cruz as their starting 3rd baseman. Ned was rewarded with a huge comeback season from Uribe in 2013. Uribe did everything in 2013, he hit for power, he hit in the clutch, he played brilliant defense, and he seemed to click with a newcomer named Yasiel Puig.  By the time the season had ended,  for many Dodger fans, Juan Uribe had inexplicably become a huge fan favorite.

His home run on Oct 7th, 2013 was the icing on the cake.

The Dodgers would fail to carry the magic of the NLDS over into the NLCS. Probably because they weren’t playing the Braves anymore and because the Cardinals put the red-hot Hanley Ramirez out of commission by breaking his rib in his very first at-bat.


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