10/4/2008 Broxton’s last hurrah, Dodgers sweep Cubs

Jame Loney delivered the first blow in game one, and James Loney  delivered the final blow in game three. Loney’s two-out two run double in the bottom of the 1st inning put the Dodgers up 2 – 0 as they went on to win 3 – 1 and swept the Cubs.

I was at the game and wrote this up at truebluela.

I love all 6’4 of Matt Kemp, but if he had been 6’3 I’d be hating him right now. Even from 50 yards away I knew he had misplayed that line drive and by the time he finally started heading in the right direction my heart was in my throat.  Then he reached up to his full height and pulled down the line drive that put the nail in the Cubs coffin.  It was the play of the night and it added just the right amount of drama to a great game.

I don’t even remember the catch I’m describing, does anyone else?

With a two-run lead, Kuroda gave the Dodgers six shutout innings. He got the first out in the 7th but gave up back to back singles putting the tying runs on base. Corey Wade (remember him) came up and restored order or maybe that line drive to CF in the box score was the play I was describing? Either way, Wade got out of the inning.

The eighth was a different beast and Wade gave up a single and double for a run. With two outs Broxton came in and struck out Mark De Rosa who represented the tying run.  Broxton would then strike out two of the three in the 9th and that was all she wrote for the Cubs.

What a difference that above paragraph makes. Broxton had just saved game three after having put together a brilliant campaign in 2008. Headed into the NLCS Broxton was a Dodger strength, their go-to guy, the guy who was a difference-maker in the bullpen.

And then Matt Stairs strode to the plate and forever changed the Jonathan Broxton story in Los Angeles.

What I remember most about this game happened when I left after the Dodger celebration. Headed out toward the parking lot I’ll always remember a Cub fan with his son, explaining to his son that even though his team didn’t win, it is always good to watch a team celebrate.

Yeah it is



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  1. 68elcamino427

    The guy was just teaching his kid to learn the reality of being a Cubs fan.

    “Been down so long, looks like up to me!”

    In the eighth grade (1964-65), there was a kid who loved the Red Sox in my home room class.
    He never gave up on that team, he was a real dyed in the wool fan. He got teased for it many times.
    I sure did think of him when his team finally came through.

    There are plenty enough moments in the sun to go around,
    only this year it is the Dodgers turn … 😃


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