How did Seager fare against Fred Lynn

Back on August 10th, I wondered if Corey Seager could replicate the 1975 season of Fred Lynn, when Lynn won both the MVP and ROY.

Using fWAR,  Corey did his part, putting up a 7.5 fWAR which was actually better than Lynn’s 7.1 in 1975.  Let’s update the rest of the numbers:

Player | OPS | OPS+ | XBH | fWAR
Lynn | 0.967 | 162 | 47-7-21 | 7.1
Seager | 0.877 | 137 | 40-5-26 | 7.5

How about that, Corey ended the year with 71 extra base hits compared to Lynn’s 75.  When people want to make comparisons of Corey Seager they probably don’t need to look any further than the sweet left-handed swinging Fred Lynn.

None of this will help Corey run down Kris Bryant for the 201 NL MVP, but it does help add some context to the type of season that Corey Seager put up.


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