See you in March, Mr. McCarthy

Any chance of Brandon McCarthy making the postseason roster went up in smoke last night. A sad ending to a tough year for the good-natured McCarthy.

He started the season in rehabilitation over the TJ surgery he had last spring and surprised everyone by being able to pitch his first major league game of 2016 on July 3rd. Brandon not only came back early he pitched well, and for four starts he was just about the best pitcher in the rotation.

The turning point came in his fifth start. Just like the first four,  he was dynamite in the beginning and even struck out the side in the third inning. I was so impressed I commented over at TBLA that McCarthy was “something-something great”. And then he wasn’t. The Rays knocked him out in 4th, and that was the last time anything good was said about Brandon’s pitching until Sept 25th.

His first four games:
22 IP, 9 hits, 4 earned runs, 7 walks, 26 strikeouts

His next six games:
17 IP, 20 hits, 18 earned runs, 19 walks, 18 strikeouts

In 2016 the Dodgers had no idea what to expect from Ryu and McCarthy, and headed into 2017 they will be in the same boat. The difference is that next year unless the Dodgers make some trades, they have the more experienced kiddie corp ready for to step in if they falter once again.

The arms of Julio Urias / Jose De Leon / Ross Stripling / Brock Stewart will provide the Dodgers with plenty of depth as they wait to see if Brandon McCarthy / Ryu / Kazmir can right their ships next spring.

I’m rooting for McCarthy and Ryu to become candidates for Comeback Player of the Year, but it is hard to expect anything.

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