Mets score big on Phillies take a one game lead

in the Wild card over the Giants, with the Cardinals a 1/2 game back of the Giants. The Mets won yesterday 17 – 0, the Giants lost once again to the Padres, and the Cardinals were on the wrong side of a 3 – 1 score with the Cubs.

With one week remaining it is still very tight. The Giants have six games remaining, three with the Rockies and three with the Dodgers all at home.

The Cardinals have four with the Reds, and three with the Pirates all at home.

The Mets have three with Miami and three with the Phillies all on the road

Still anybody’s ball game. The Mets have the one game lead but are on the road, the Cardinals play seven at home, and the Giants play six at home. The final three games for the Giants will be against the Dodgers, I don’t think the Dodgers would mind ending once and for all the odd/even run of the Giants.


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