Toles now 15 – 3 in games started

and 8 – 1 since being recalled on August 21st. The only time the LAD have lost when Andrew Toles has started since August 21st was the brilliant performance by Jose Fernandez at his home field in Miami.

Toles showed off one his many tools last night when he threw out Tomas from left field with a perfect peg. This is what Josh Reddick thought of the throw:

“That little guy has got all kinds of fire, and stuff you don’t really expect out of him,” Reddick said. “And now he showcased an arm that can throw about 100 mph to throw a guy out by 10 feet. That was pretty impressive.”

The LAD outfield made many contributions, Josh Reddick collected three hits, and Joc Pederson hit a home run so hard so far so fast that even Charlie Steiner had no problem making the call.

Joc Pederson continues to attack the snakes like a Mongoose. He is second to only that crazy rookie Ryan Schimpf in San Diego in OPS against the snakes this season. Cory Seager makes the top 12 with his 1.029 OPS.

Per Baseball Reference:

Player | OPS | PA
Ryan Schimpf | 1.454 | 31
Joc Pederson | 1.452 | 42
Stephen Piscotty | 1.242 | 33
Charlie Blackmon | 1.142 | 79
Yangervis Solarte | 1.132 | 45
Freddie Freeman | 1.124 | 35
Hunter Pence | 1.123 | 55
Trevor Story | 1.097 | 59
Gerardo Parra | 1.048 | 50
Nolan Arenado | 1.04 | 87
Corey Seager | 1.029 | 83
Nick Hundley | 1.002 | 44

Oh, and Brock Stewart won the game, giving him a 2 – 2 record. Since giving up nine runs in Colorado, Stewart has made four appearances, pitched eighteen innings, given up only four runs, and struck out seventeen.

Chase Utley hit another double, giving him four doubles in three games, along with seven total hits in those three games.

Cory Seager did stuff, but he gets his own post.


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  1. 68elcamino427

    Alvin Andrew Toles

    Son of Alvin Toles, who played linebacker for the New Orleans Saints.

    Raised in Tyrone GA.

    Reddick, raised in Guyton GA, who’s father is disabled from a powerline accident gets it.

    Toles and Reddick
    They have one thing in common
    They have the fire down below

    I love rooting for the guys who have overcome adversity
    And leave it all on the field


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