Mets topple Giants from top of the Wild Card race

From May 15th until Aug 9th the Giants were on top of the NL Western Division, at times the lead was eight games. When the Dodgers sliced that one time eight game lead to even stephen on Aug 9th, the Giants went from being the NL West leaders to the Wild Card leaders.  For a few weeks the Dodgers / Giants traded being on top of 1st place but on Aug 21st, the Dodger took command of the NL West, and from that point on the Giants were now in the MLB standings under Wild Card.

Even as they fell into the Wild Card race the Giants had a comfortable lead, but that lead has now been vanquished. Just like the Dodgers, the Mets have chewed off that lead and now the Mets are the number one wild card team.

The Cardinals put the Mets in 1st place by defeating the Giants, so for the first time since Aug 21st, a new name sits atop the Wild Card standing. It is now the Mets / Giants / Cardinals with the Cardinals just one game back of the Giants. Only two of those three get to play in the play-in game, and even with a four deep rotation the Giants just aren’t playing like a team who is going to be one of those two.

The Mets won back to back one-run games, this time behind the offense and great defense from TJ. Rivera. The Mets are doing this without Matt Harvey and Jacob Degroom in the rotation and an AAA player at 2nd base. The rotation is as patchwork as the Dodgers has been with Thor & Colon being their only constants.

The Cardinals shut out the Giants behind their top pitching prospect Al Reyes. Diaz is back and slugged a home run to help the offense get going.

The Dodgers, Mets, and Cardinals all used rookies to start on Sunday in big games as rotational injuries continue to wreck havoc among the teams with post season aspirations.

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