Toles takes starting record to 14 – 3

Even when Andrew Toles does nothing, the team is so comfortable with him starting they win anyway. For the second start in a row, Andrew Toles didn’t do much to help the team win,  going hitless in three at-bats in the 2 – 0 victory. On Monday Toles at least got a hit and scored a run in the 8 – 2 victory.

It is going to be very interesting when the Dodgers brain trust decides who will be on the NLDS roster and who won’t be. It could come down to Toles and Andre for one of those spots. Andre has yet to get a hit since coming back but has plenty of time to shake off the rust after missing 90% of the season.  Toles offers speed and the ability to play all three OF positions. They both bat left-handed which is why it is possible only one will get chosen.

And ho hum Clayton Kershaw is still special and has a few more starts to get ready for his command performance in Washington.

Pending Dodger free agents Justin Turner and Kenley Jansen put on a nice show today. Turner knocking in the go-ahead run in the 9th inning, and gave Dodger fans a scare when he slid head first into the back of Starlin Castro’s leg clearly jamming his neck. Given all the things that can go wrong with a headfirst slide,  players still do it over and over.  KJ put the finishing touches on the Yankee series by striking out the side for his 44th save.

Corey Seager didn’t put on the show I was hoping for in NY, but the Dodgers did win the series and thanks to the ineptitude of the Giants put two games back on the lead making it five again and reducing the magic number significantly.



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