NL Wild Card race – Everyone lost and Mat Latos hit a home run

The top three teams in the NL Wild Card race all lost last night. The two fringe teams also lost.

The Giants/Mets/Cardinals combined to score two runs last night and lost by a combined score of 16 – 2.

  • Giants were shutout by six Padre pitchers and lost 4 – 0
  • The Cardinals were almost no-hit by the front runner for the NL CYA and lost 4 -1. To no one’s surprise, the Cardinals hit a home run to break up the no-hitter. To everyone’s surprise, it was Jeremy Hazelbaker who hit the home run.
  • Even the Mets couldn’t figure out Mat Latos who showed up out of nowhere to start for the Nationals. Mat’s last start was back in June for the White Sox,  Mat was so glad to be back in the NL he slugged a home run. The Mets started youngster Rafael Montero, who was crushed and gone by the 2nd inning.

To be fair to the Mets and Cardinals they were playing the top two teams in the NL. The Giants had no such excuse.


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