Gary Sanchez and the Yankee 9/12/16 Preview

How about this:

  • The Yankees got Alex Rodriquez to retire
  • Traded their best hitter in Carlos Beltran
  • Traded their best relief pitcher in Chapman
  • Traded their second best relief pitcher in Andrew Miller
  • Traded a key component of their 2016 rotation in Ivan Nova

Yet they have won seven of their last eight games to climb right back into the AL Wild Card race. The first trade they made was on July 25th when they unloaded Aroldis Chapman for a boatload of talent from the Cubs.  The record at the time was 51 – 48 , now they are 76 – 66.

From the Cubs for Chapman – Rashad Crawford , Billy McKinney , Gleyber Torres and Adam Warren. Adam Warren is actually on the major league roster and helping the Yankees. This is Christopher Crawford’s take on the haul.

Yankees fans might wonder if and how Torres compares with Jorge Mateo. Crawford gave Torres the nod, saying that Torres is now the top middle-infield prospect in the system, and that he’s Aaron Judge’s stiffest competition for the title of the best Yankees prospect.

From the Indians for Andrew Miller –  J.P. Feyereisen, Clint Frazier , Justus Sheffield and Ben Heller. Bernie Pleskoff breaks down this deal. 

Scouting grade for Sheffield: 55 – A consistent member of the starting rotation.
Scouting grade for Heller: 55 – A dominant member of the bullpen.
Without question, Frazier should make an impact with his new team with home run power and an exciting overall game

From the Rangers for  Carlos Beltran – Nick Green , Erik Swanson, and Dillon Tate

From the Pirates for Ivan Nova – Tito Polo and Stephen Tarpley

And finally this detailed report from saberballblog about everyone they got in the deadline deals.

In return for these 5 players, New York received quite a haul. In particular, this includes top 25 prospects outfielder Clint Frazier(#22) and shortstop Gleyber Torres (#24), as well as top 100 prospect, pitcher Justus Sheffield (#93). Additionally, pitching prospect Dillon Tate ranks all over the top 100, so his positions were averaged, coming in solidly in the 60-70 range. Lastly, outfield prospect Billy McKinney is a former top 100 prospect, and is generally among the first left off of midseason lists. He is estimated as being a top 125 prospect. The remainder of the prospects are either too young or too uncertain to project surplus value going forward.

They did send one of their own prospects Vincente Campos to the Diamondbacks for setup man Tyler Clippard.

How are they winning after depleting their team of at least four key members when they were barely a .500 team with those players?

Gary Sanchez

Lis Roscher of SBNation tells us why Gary has had some an impact:

Gary Sanchez is a rookie sensation in a season full of rookie sensations. Sanchez signed in 2009 when he was just 16, and has made his way up and down the prospect lists. Over seven seasons in the minors, he had a .275/.339/.460, which isn’t anything to get too excited about, but he’s certainly proved himself in the majors. The Yankees called him up when they traded nearly everyone on their roster, and ever since he’s been a magical baseball wizard, forcing Brian McCann into a part-time role. In 32 games and 129 plate appearances, he’s hit .341/.417/.707 with 12 home runs. In August alone, he hit .389/.458/.832 in 107 plate appearances. That’s just insane.

Click on the link above for the rest of the Gary Sanchez story. Well, worth reading about the most exciting young player to hit that tired Yankee franchise in many a year.




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