Now that was a Saturday Night game to stay home for

Some games have a little of something, and some games have a lot of something and this game had a lot of everything.

  • First of all the Dodgers won 5 – 0 keeping the Giants four games back  which is a good thing because it looks like the Giants rediscovered how to use a bat.
  • Joc Pederson hit a home run that was simply majestic. His swings are pendulums of power, and when he connects, oh my does that ball soar.
  • Yasiel Puig playing his first game in LF made a jump out of your chair and scream so loud catch that your wife thinks your and idiot and all the animals went flying for cover.
  • Joc Pederson hit another home run, giving him two home runs out of the eight spot, and 22 for the season.
  • These highlights are not in game order.
  • Corey Seager hit his 25th home run and collected two more hits giving him ten hits in his last five games, including two doubles, and two home runs.  For one brief moment, the Dodgers had three players with 25 home runs.
  • Justin Turner launched his 26th home run because he didn’t like Cory Seager and Grandal being tied with him at 25
  • The Dodgers broke the Marlin Don Mattingly five-game winning streak which had to be annoying to everyone.
  • Josh Reddick did not get a hit.
  • Puig did not get a hit
  • The Marlins did not get a hit off of Rich Hill
  • The Marlins did get a hit off of Joe Blanton, though I thought Seager should have caught that for a player his size. ROY my ass
  • Rich Hill made his 3rd straight scoreless start and has yet to be scored upon as a LAD

Dave Roberts went from being brilliant to being roasted on Twitter in a matter of seconds. His brilliance was on full display when Yasiel Puig made a circus catch to keep the Rich Hill perfect game intact. Within seconds Roberts made the effort a moot point by not allowing Rich Hill to go for his perfect game. I mean who sticks Puig in LF? Who doesn’t let a pitcher try for a perfect game?

As a fan, I wanted to see Rich Hill get a chance for the perfect game, cause those are rare. I assume they are rare, if not why do we hear the Vin Scully call on the Sandy Koufax perfect game over and over and over?

As a Dodger fan, I wanted Dave Roberts to make the best decision he could make based upon the information he has.  I don’t know if he did that. I do know that Puig would not have balled out like that for a game in which they had a 5-0 lead unless something bigger was at stake. And to pull that stake out, just left it all a little empty. Everyone on the team will support Dave Roberts, and Dave was probably right to do what he did, but damn, it sure made my jump out of my chair scream at the catch by Puig look purdy damn silly.

This was a Don Mattingly quote on the catch:

“That’s just an incredible play. Those are the kind of plays you see when you see a no-hitter or a perfect game or something. You see a play like that. That was one of those plays where you’re like, ‘Ah, you never know what’s going to happen tonight.’ You don’t see catches like that very often. That was an incredible play.” — Mattingly, on Puig’s catch to rob Prado in seventh

It was fun to watch the twitter world explode. I was kind of interested in what actual pitchers had to say.

You had Dan Haren defending the move by Roberts


Anyway when it comes to entertaining games, this one is a highlight for 2016.


  1. 68elcamino427

    This game was kinda like the poster child for the way the entire 2016 season has gone for the Dodgers.

    Rich Hill can’t pitch for the Dodgers.
    Rich Hill pitches for the Dodgers and no team can score on him.
    Rich Hill pitches perfectly, so now he is prohibited from pitching.

    Josh Reddick can’t hit for the Dodgers.
    Josh Reddick hits so well that Puig is forced to play LF.
    Puig plays LF and keeps Hill pitching perfectly.

    If Dave Roberts let’s Hill pursue the perfect game
    the least long term harm is that Hill has a tired arm for his next game.


  2. Well said
    “the least long term harm is that Hill has a tired arm for his next game.”


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