Magnificent home Fernandez to much for the Magic of the Starting Toles and the Return of the King

Dodger fans got a taste of what it is like when the rest of baseball faces Clayton Kershaw if they watched Jose Fernandez toy with the potent Dodger lineup last night.

As has been documented over and over Jose Fernandez is virtually unbeatable at home, and last night he showed why.  Striking out fourteen in only seven innings Jose won his fourteenth game of the year and increased his incredible home record to 28 – 2. Jose now has 238 strikeouts in only 167 innings. His strikeout numbers are boggling because he never pitches more than seven innings.

  • On June 5th, 14 K’s, zero walks, 21 outs, home start
  • On July 18th, 14 K’s, two walks, 19 outs, road start
  • Sept 9th, 14 K’s, three walks, 21 outs, home start
  • April 6th, 13 K’s, one walks, 16 outs, home start
  • June 26th, 13 K’s, three walks, 21 outs, start

Fernandez has struck out >= 13 hitters five times this year. It has been done 25 times this year but the only other pitcher who has done it more than one time is Clayton Kershaw who has done it three times.

Andrew Toles is now 12 – 3 in starts after running into the buzzsaw that was Jose Fernandez. This was the first loss in a starting game for Toles since July 30th.  Toles struck out three times but he was in good company. Josh Reddick was the only Dodger not impressed with Jose as he picked up two of the three hits against Fernandez. Toles did drive that ball deep in his last at-bat against Ramos so hopefully, this was more of the case of Jose Fernandez  than it was about Toles cooling off.

The Return of the King kind of went as expected, In was what basically a rehab game, Kershaw only went three innings though it looked like he wanted to go four. He had some good pitches and some bad pitches, but the most important thing that happened last night was Clayton Kershaw pitching in a major league game for the Dodgers.

The Dodgers lost a game in their lead over the Giants, but that should have been expected. The Dodgers were facing Jose Fernandez at home, the Dodgers were pitching someone who hadn’t pitched since late June other than one brief rehab game, and Bumgarner was facing Rubby De La Rosa who hadn’t pitched in months. The Diamondbacks still made it close.




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