Sound of the Dodgers – Starring Vin Scully

soundofthedodgerscropped Craig Minami mentioned that vinyl was hot so I started going through all my vinyl and found this in my Mother-In-Laws collection.  She actually had two, one used and one still plastic wrapped.

Need to get my turntable back up and running. I took apart my music center and when I put it back together it wasn’t functioning correctly.

Looking forward to giving it a listen

These are the tracks:

  1. Dodger Stadium with Maury Wills, Willie Davis, and Stubby Kaye
  2. Somebody’s Keeping Score with Maury Wills
  3. What is a Dodger with Vin Scully
  4. Soliloquoy Of A Dodger Fan with Stubby Kay and the Album spells Soliloquy that way.
  5. Dandy Sandy with Jimmy Durante
  6. That’s The Way The Ball Bounces with Willie Davis
  7. The Story Of The L.A. Dodgers with Vin Scully

From what I gather they sold this at Dodger Stadium, looks like 1963 so these two albums are 53 years old. I will admit right now, at this moment I have no idea who Stubby Kaye is. Now that I’ve looked him up, he is easily recognizable.

Jimmy Durante was famous for many things but the two things I remember were his huge Schnozzola, and gravely voice.  I wonder if Louis Armstrong and Durante ever sang together?




  1. What a great find.


  2. 68elcamino427

    My grandmother had this one.
    As a eleven years old I felt it was pretty silly.

    I think that Durante and Armstrong did perform together for a bit on Durante’s TV show.
    I always loved that guy.

    “Ha, cha- cha, cha-cha!”


  3. It seemed that Grandmothers were the first to fall in love with Vinny when he came to LA. When I first came to Los Angeles in the summer of 1970 we stayed with our Mom’s grandmother during the summer while my Dad finished up his business at the Pentagon. The first thing she did was tell us about Vinny, and sure enough, he was on in her house every game.


  4. Durante and Armstrong – what a team that would have been


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