When starting, Toles just keeps on hitting and winning as Shelby gets shelled

Andrew Toles now holds a 12 – 2 record when Dave Roberts decides to start him. In a rare day off for Howie Kendrick, Roberts was able to find a spot for Toles in LF.

Well, not quite a day off for Howie, as Dave felt Howie needed to pinch hit even though he had a comfortable lead and a plethora of other pinch hitting options. Howie obliged with a double play giving him 23 GIDP for the season, which is good for 3rd in the NL and only one behind the leaders Martin Prado and DJ LeMahieu.  If it seems that Howie is hitting into a lot of GIDP lately it is because he is. That was his 3rd GIDP in only 18 plate appearances in Sept.

Back to Toles. Toles had two more hits last night, giving him multiple hits in his last four starts since he was recalled in August. Toles is 5 – 0 in every start since being recalled. It is very clear to me that Dave Roberts knows exactly when to start Andrew Toles. He’s brilliant.

Dodgers maintain the four game lead over the Giants as the Giants finally managed to score in Coors and win.

Brock Stewart will be going tonight, and he’ll be the fourth straight Dodger rookie to make  a start following Jose De Leon, Kenta Maeda, and Ross Stripling.  This is the second time this year that four LAD rookies will have made consecutive starts when Stewart toes the mound.



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