Dave Roberts puts Toles 11 -2 starting record on the line by – gasp, starting him

It is true, it has only been five games since Toles last started and jump started the Dodger offense in Colorado.  Somehow Dave Roberts couldn’t figure out a way to get his bat into the starting lineup for any of the next five games even though he ended August as the best hitter on the team. None of that seemed to matter as the Giants kept on losing and the Dodgers got to play the Padres and now the Diamondbacks.

A naysayer would say that Toles is 11 – 2 as a starter because the Dodgers are a 1st place team. I’d reply the same Dodgers are 66 – 58 when Toles does not start which is not quite the same as 77 – 60.

Anyway, five games is long enough to cool any hot streak off, so I’m not expecting much tonight.



1 Comment

  1. 68elcamino427

    Ha ha!

    The bat is still on fire!


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