Let’s play two – 1970 Dodger/Reds DH memories

When you have been going to Dodger games for 46 years many of them just get lumped together but I have a few that still stand out in my mind. It is no surprise I’m sure to the memory experts that I remember every game I went to in 1970 because that was the first year I went to Dodger Stadium.

My first game was a 1 – 0 shutout thrown by Don Sutton

Later I saw the Bill Singer no-hitter with my cousin Ted Koerner and his dad Bill Koerner.

Craig Minami and I have talked about seeing a Dodger DH in the early 70’s before, last night he said his was in 1972 and that was his first game, so I did some research to see if it was the same day. It was not, my doubleheader occurred August 9th, 1970.  Craig’s was labor day 1972. This one was easy to find because my main memory of the game is sitting down in the LC Pavillon and watching Pete Rose launch a shot off the center field wall for a double to start the game. Thanks to Bref that was easy to find.

These were my memories before I looked at the box scores:

  • Pete Rose had a monster game and led off the game with a double off the CF wall
  • Willie Davis looked great in CF
  • My Dad started out the game as white as a man from Appleton, WI should look, and was as red as any ripe tomato could be by the end of the long long day.
  • That I was thoroughly entertained for both games, I thought we won them both but wasn’t sure.

These are the actual facts

Game One:

  • Pete Rose did indeed have a monster game. Besides the double he led off with, he hit not one but two home runs. Luckily they were both solo shots.
  •  Maury Wills had four hits in the first game
  • Future 1970 ROY Ted Sizemore had three hits and drove in three runs.
  • No wonder I was entertained, the Dodgers scored four runs in the bottom of the 8th inning to win the game.  Ted Sizemore and Willie Davis had the key hits in that inning. And it included these kinds of moves by Sparky Anderson you just don’t see very often.

Jimmy Stewart moves from 2B to C
Tommy Helms moves from SS to 2B
Dave Concepcion replaces Johnny Bench (C) playing SS batting 4th

  • Relief pitcher Jim Brewer pitched two shutout innings for the win.

Game two:

  • Damn, we won 13 – 3, again no wonder I was entertained
  • Ted Sizemore had four more hits giving him seven hits in the doubleheader.
  • My favorite player at the time, Billy Grabarkewitz had three hits including a triple
  • 3 Dog hit a triple, that had to be the first time I’d see him fly around the bases
  • Alan Foster pitched a complete game


So this left me wondering several things.

How many times did Pete Rose hit two home runs in a game? Four times Pete Rose hit two homes. This game was the last time he would hit two home runs in a game, however, in 1978 Rose would hit three home runs in a game.

How many complete games did Alan Foster pitch? A lot more than I thought, 26 complete games and six shutouts.  Foster was a big part of the 1970 rotation but was traded the following winter for catcher Duke Sims.

That was fun, thanks to Craig for making me look this up, and for the Dodgers in playing this doubleheader today.




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