LAD rookie records are going to fall

As Corey Seager continues to wreck havoc on the baseball world the LAD rookie records will be next to feel the strength of his bat. Corey has already hit the most doubles for a LAD rookie but other records are about to fall.

He should take out the runs record of 88 tonight or tomorrow. He won’t be able to pass Mike Piazza and his 35 home runs but he might be able to take the OBP record away from Mike. Slug% is probably safe. Hits are going down, runs are going down, Average is dicey but could fall.

Corey in Coors for three games against a tired young Rockie rotation. Oh my

From the LAD game notes:

Los Angeles Rookie Leaders, Since 1958

 Category              Seager (Rank)      Leader

Hits                         162 (3rd)                 Sax (180, 1982)

Runs                       87 (2nd)                   Sax (88, 1982)

Doubles                 37 (1st)                    Seager

Home Runs           23 (T-3rd)              Piazza (35, 1993)

Average                 .321 (1st)                 Piazza (.318, 1993)

SLG                        .543 (2nd)                Piazza (.561, 1993)

OBP                        .377 (1st)                 Piazza (.370, 1993)

Other Corey Seager notes from the LAD game notes:

  • Seager is tied for the National League lead with 162 hits (with Arizona’s Jean Segura)
  • Seager is tied for the National League lead with 37 doubles (with the Cubs’ Anthony Rizzo and Washington’s Daniel Murphy).
  • According to Stats, LLC, Seager would become the first NL rookie in the modern era (since 1900) to lead (or tie for first) the Senior Circuit in both hits and doubles. Previously, only Ross Barnes (1876, Cubs) had accomplished the feat in National League history, while Tony Oliva (1964, Twins) and Dick Wakefield (1943, Tigers) had done so in the American League.
  • Seager also ranks among the NL leaders in runs (87, 4th), total bases (274, 4th), batting average (.321, 3rd), multi-hit games (47, T-2nd), extra-base hits (63, 6th) and slugging percentage (.543, 9th).

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