Bochy throws wussification out the window

It can’t be an easy position to be in. Your pitcher is throwing a no-hitter but racking up the pitch counts. At some point, you have to say enough and go get him, but to Bruce Bochy’s credit, he let Matt Moore take it to the limit going 132 pitches before Corey Seager broke up the no-hitter with a bloop single to right field on the 133rd pitch.

According to Vin Scully, no pitcher had thrown more than 125 pitches this year, so those 133 pitches were easily the most thrown by any pitcher this year.

For Bochy,  Moore isn’t just some rental like Rich Hill, he’ll be under Giant control for a while yet, so the health of his arm is important to the future of the team. Add in that Moore had TJ surgery in the summer of 2014 and you can see what a tough decision he had to make.

We won’t know if the decision to let him go for it will have an adverse effect or not, but this is one fan who was glad to see him let Moore go for the no-hitter.

And yes, Vinny, I was with you hoping that he would get it.


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  1. 68elcamino427

    Robert and I were smiling and laughing for a few minutes after Seager’s hit off the label to RF.

    The expressions on the faces of the Giants players were priceless.

    Never want the Dodgers to be no hit by the Giants, especially at home.


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