Adrian Gonzalez on a RBI mission

Gonzalez has driven in 11 runs over the last two games. Going into tonight’s game he’ll be trying to become the 7th LAD player to drive in at least three runs in three straight games. Strangely enough Andrew Toles will be trying to accomplish the same thing even though Toles has only driven in three runs per game.

The last player to drive in three runs in three straight games was James Loney, the other five were:

Name Strk Start End Games HR RBI ▾
Ron Cey 4/23/1977 4/25/1977 3 4 12
Frank Howard 7/27/1962 7/29/1962 3 3 12
Eric Karros 6/2/2002 6/4/2002 3 1 10
Dusty Baker 7/11/1983 7/13/1983 3 3 10
James Loney 9/16/2011 9/18/2011 3 2 9

What is great about Adrian is that his 11 RBI would give him more than anyone but Howard and Cey over a three-game period and he did it in two games.

But Shawn Green is the king of RBI over a three-game span. At least he is the king I found, if someone has more than 14 over a three-game span please be sure to correct me.

Shawn Green drove in seven runs the day he hit four home runs. He then drove in one run the next day giving him eight in two games. He followed that up with six RBI, so over a three-game span, Shawn Green drove in 14 runs.  If Adrian can drive in three runs today, he can at least tie Shawn Green for most runs driven in over a three-game span.



  1. 68elcamino427

    I’m always down for any list that includes THE WASHINGTON MONUMENT!



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