Dodger Notes – Offense was halted for one game, is that a trend or an anomaly?

Even with scoring,  only two runs run last night the Dodger offense has been its best weapon in the second half. Since the all-star break:

  • The Dodgers still posted double-digit hits last night and continue to lead the NL in team batting average at .278, and slugging % .468
  • The Dodgers rank 2nd in the majors with an average of 5.40 runs per game. Overall they have scored 162 runs.
  • The Dodgers slugging % of .468  is on pace to be the highest in LAD history, with a Usain Bolt like lead over the predecessor of .434 set in 2008 behind Manny Ramirez.

This offensive outbreak has been mainly provided by three players who all might end up garnering some MVP votes if they were to continue to hit this way, and lead the team to the NL Western crown.

Yazmani Grandal continues his offensive surge:

Just Turner is just as hot as Grandal:

  • Turner leads the Dodgers in home runs with 23 and RBI with 72.
  • Turner has hit safely in 15 of 16 games since July 30th and is batting .328 with 14 extra base hits.
  • Since June 10th, Turner has posted a 1.037 OPS, while leading the major leagues in home runs with 19, and RBI with 52, and Slug% .670.

Cory Seager has a great case:

  • Corey Seager now has a ten game hitting streak to go along with his earlier nineteen games hitting streak.
  • During his ten game streak Seager is hitting .442 with two doubles, and  two home runs
  • Seager ranks 2nd in NL fWAR with 6.0
  • Seager ranks 10th in wRC+ at 140
  • Seager ranks 6th in runs with 79
  • Seager ranks 3rd in hits with 148
  • Seager ranks 3rd in doubles with 34
  • Seager ranks 3rd in total bases with 251
  • Seager ranks 11th in average at .313
  • Seager ranks 14th in slugging%  at .531
  • Seager has 181 hits through the first 144 games of his career, and that is the most by a LAD to start their career.





1 Comment

  1. 68elcamino427

    Playing in three games in Lodi and getting on base 11 out of 12 times …

    Game 1 K looking, BB, BB, BB

    Game 2, 1B, BB, 1B, BB

    Game 3 1B, 1B, BB, 1B


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