Not everything the Giants do turns to gold, it just seems that way


Last year in a deadline deal the Giants traded Adam Duvall to the Reds for Mike Leake. Leake was unable to help the Giants run down the Dodgers and has since taken his pitching skills to the Cardinals via free agency.

Duvall was already twenty-six and appeared to be a AAAA player who could hit a home run or two. He had hit 130 career minor league home runs since 2010 so the power wasn’t in question, but he sure didn’t seem like someone who would be playing in the 2016 All-Star game but there he was hitting home runs at Petco in the home run derby.

Duvall got to the all-star game because of his power. On July 10th he had already hit 23 home runs.  That does seem to be the only part of his game, but if you are only going to have one skill, hitting home runs is a good one to have.

It is possible that the first half for Duvall might be the best streak he will ever have. He has slumped quite a bit in the 2nd half, and even more so in August. The Reds sat him down for a few games to clear his head, I’m not sure if he’ll play against the Dodgers or not, he has not played since August 15th.

The right-hand power hitter does not have bad splits, even hits right hand pitching a tad more than left-hand pitching.

However,  it turns out, I’m glad Duvall is hitting home runs for the Reds and not the Giants in 2016.

Period TSL OPS Home Runs
First Half .249 | .288 | .551 0.839 23
Second Half .222 | 316 | .414 0.731 3
August .208 | 304 | .375 0.679 2

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