Meanwhile, A.J. Ellis still can’t score

In one of the stranger going on’s in 2016, A.J. Ellis has moved into second place among the LAD leaderboard for position players not being able to score. Ellis moved past Dodger great Mike Scioscia during his last start and has now been unable to score in his last 101 at-bats.

You can see why it has been hard to score Ellis since May 2nd, he doesn’t get on base much. His TSL since May 3rd is .186 | .273 | .216.  With only three doubles since May 2nd, he simply doesn’t put himself in scoring position very often.

Ellis is now only chasing Doug Camilli who set the record back in 1964.  With a four-game set against the Reds, Ellis is sure to get into one game. This weekend would be a good time for me to end this foolishness, but you can be sure that Doug Camilli has some champagne on ice because this is one record he’d love to not own.

  1. Camilli – 105 at bats / 18 hits / 6 walks
  2. A.J. Ellis – 101 at bats / 18 hits / 10 walks
  3. Mike Scioscia – 96 at bats / 20 hits / 8 walks
  4. Len Gabrielson -95 at bats / 20 hits / 4 walks
  5. Steve Yeager-86 at bat / 17 hits / 3 walks
  6. John Hale-80 at bats / 10 hits / 12 walks
  7. Wally Moon-78 at bats / 15 hits / 3 walks
  8. Jeff Torborg-73 at bats / 10 hits / 7 walks
  9. Juan Samuel– 73 at bats / 19 hits / 2 walks
  10. Don LeJohn – 72 at bats / 18 hits / 4 walks


  1. 68elcamino427

    It might be interesting to include the ages of each player when they did so well
    at challenging for their spot on the list .



  1. A.J. will never score another run for the Dodgers | Dodgers, Yesterday and Today

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