Should Rich Hill be allowed to take the Hill on Friday?

Have to admit I don’t quite get that Rich Hill is the scheduled pitcher on Friday. Rich Hill has not pitched since July 7th, and Friday will be August 12th. Who goes a whole month without pitching and doesn’t throw a rehab game before pitching in a major league game again?

The man has been scheduled to start three different times and each time has been unable to take the mound. At least with a rehab game he can prove that his blisters are behind him before they send him out to the mound. What happens if he pitches one inning and re-opens either of the two blisters that have kept him sidelined for over a month?

If he can take the mound, how many innings can you really expect from someone who hasn’t pitched in a month?

Well, I’m sure the Dodgers know what they are doing, just seems odd to me.



  1. 68elcamino427

    It’s been so long since Hill has thrown, seems like all parties involved would benefit more if he built up his arm with a couple of stimulated games before they send him out to meet the real NL batters.



  1. Brett Anderson finishes up 3rd rehab game and looks ready to join the beleaguered rotation. | Dodgers, Yesterday and Today

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