Cory Seager jumps into top 10 for home runs in a season by a Shortstop twenty-two and younger

Once again Corey Seager showed off his power, blasting two home runs last night. Corey had already broken the LAD record for most home runs by a LAD SS, most doubles by a LAD rookie, most home runs by a LAD rookie infielder non-catcher  edition so we need to look for other horizons.

Since Corey Seager is only twenty-two years old, I thought it would be interesting to see how he stacks up against other twenty-two-year-old shortstops. As expected, he stacks up very well.

The full list is here, but below were are only going to show shortstops who hit at least 20 home runs. He is currently 10th on the list, but two  more home runs will vault him into a tie with Alex Rodriquez for 6th. His current OPS of .889 would place him 3rd on this list.

Player HR Year Age Tm PA OPS HR/AB
Alex Rodriguez 42 1998 22 SEA 748 0.919 17.81
Alex Rodriguez 36 1996 20 SEA 677 1.045 18.81
Cal Ripken 28 1982 21 BAL 655 0.792 23.39
Cal Ripken 27 1983 22 BAL 726 0.888 26.89
Troy Tulowitzki 24 2007 22 COL 682 0.838 28.42
Alex Rodriguez 23 1997 21 SEA 638 0.846 27.74
Carlos Correa 22 2015 20 HOU 432 0.857 19.64
Ron Hansen 22 1960 22 BAL 606 0.781 27.55
Vern Stephens 22 1943 22 SLB 571 0.839 25.95
Corey Seager 21 2016 22 LAD 474 0.889 22.57

Alex Rodriquez who is going to retire at the end of the week (08/12/16) owns this leaderboard appearing it on three times. Carlos Correa has a chance to get on here three times but this will be Corey’s only appearance since he’s already 22.  Corey has a good chance to move into the top three putting his name above HOF Cal Ripken and just below Alex Rodriquez. That is some nice company to be sandwiched in between.


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  1. 68elcamino427

    29 Corey!

    DO IT!


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