A.J. Ellis helps Dodgers to victory but still can’t find any Dodgers to drive him in

A.J. Ellis drove in the first Dodger run, and caught a shutout against the vaunted Red Sox offense, so he did his job on Saturday.

Yet, I have this fascination with the fact he can’t score.

Last time we looked Ellis had gone 83 at-bats without scoring and was in fifth place for going scoreless by at-bats for LAD positional players. With an additional 10 at-bats, Ellis has moved past fellow backstop Steve Yeager into fourth place and is now barking at the heels of Len Gabrielson.

Ellis has now gone three full months without scoring a run which is no big deal if you don’t play, but Ellis is now over 90 at-bats without scoring a run. That is hard to do, even for a slow-footed catcher batting eighth.

At this point,  the only way Ellis is going to score is to drive himself in with a home run.

  1. Camilli – 105 at bats / 18 hits / 6 walks
  2. Mike Scioscia – 96 at bats / 20 hits / 8 walks
  3. Len Gabrielson -95 at bats / 20 hits / 4 walks
  4. A.J. Ellis – 93 at bats / 18 hits / 10 walks
  5. Steve Yeager-86 at bat / 17 hits / 3 walks
  6. John Hale-80 at bats / 10 hits / 12 walks
  7. Wally Moon-78 at bats / 15 hits / 3 walks
  8. Jeff Torborg-73 at bats / 10 hits / 7 walks
  9. Juan Samuel– 73 at bats / 19 hits / 2 walks
  10. Don LeJohn – 72 at bats / 18 hits / 4 walks

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