What three players in the LAD minor league system do want to stay that way?

As of 10:00 PCT every single Dodger prospect is still a Dodger. That will change in the next twelve hours but I’m curious who most people think are the most valuable assets the Dodgers currently have. It would be easy to simply pick the top three prospects but it doesn’t work that way because of age.  For example Cory Seager had to work his way to the top, a year ago Bellinger was just starting to get some play. Stuff like that.

Using this as a guideline or not, what players do you think are destined for major league success.

Probably everyone would have Urias as their number one pick but who knows.

I will admit right off the bat, I’m no expert, just a Dodger fan, but as a fan the three players I’d like to remain in the system are:

Julio Urias – for obvious reasons

Yadier Alveraz

Cody Bellinger

Who are yours?




  1. Urias

    Don’t trust Bellinger for some reason.


    • It was a toss up for me between Bellinger/Verdugo/Diaz


  2. arbfuldodger

    Urias (he’s the given)
    Alvarez (I keep hearing Kasten in my head, Grow the arms, buy the bats)
    Bellinger (wanted to go Verdugo but I think Belli will hit for more power and has a + glove)


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