Grandal has 15 home runs, and 5 of them are 3 run home runs

When it comes to getting the most bang for your buck, Yazmani Grandal can lay claim to being one of the most dangerous hitters in baseball with two runners on. Even before today Yaz had a plus .900 OPS with RISP. He has now hit six of his fifteen home runs with RISP. Say what you will about how useful the RISP stat is, as a fan, it kicks ass, when the hitter is successful at it compared to ground balls to 2nd base.

I’ve gotten to the point now that when Yazmani is up with two runners on, I expect a home run, and I’ve not been disappointed. I’ll let the stat experts break it down, but I’m pretty sure that someone who has hit at least 15 home runs, with 5 of them being at least a three-run home run, Yaz is doing something not many other home hitters are doing. By my bad math, that is a 33% rate for three-run home runs compared to all his home runs.

Who is better at that this year?




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