The writer finally gets his wish

Back in 2008 when Jay Bruce was the hottest thing in baseball and Matt Kemp was underappreciated in Los Angeles by just about every mainstream writer, I took exception to a column written on the now defunct SportshubLA run by the Kamentzky brothers.  That particular writer (not the brothers) wrote about how the Dodgers needed someone like Jay Bruce who had just come up for the Reds and was making a big splash. This was circa 2008. I think the writer’s last name was Green but can’t be sure.

It annoyed me at the time because we had Matt Kemp and no one outside of the blogging world seemed to appreciate what a talent he was. I wrote my rebuttal column, and wish like hell I could link to it, but it has disappeared into the netherworld of defunct blogs.

So it cracks me up that eight years later, Matt Kemp is a shell of his past self, with just one skill left, the ability to hit home runs. Jay Bruce has continued to do the one thing that he’s always done, hit home runs.

Jay Bruce started his career in 2008 at the age of 21 and promptly hit 21 home runs his rookie season. Matt Kemp started his career two years earlier in 2006 at age 21 but was not a regular until 2008. Matt Kemp for much of his career has always been the superior player but what struck me as odd is just how similar they are in certain areas of their long careers.

Matt Kemp – 5581 Plate Appearances, 228 home runs, .286 batting average , .340 OBP, .488 slug %, 124 OPS+

Jay Bruce – 4993 Plate Appearances, 233 home runs, .249 BA, .320 OBP, 471 slug%, 111 OPS+

The Dodgers traded Matt Kemp almost two years ago, and now they are supposedly going to trade for Jay Bruce.

Just makes me laugh how things work out in baseball. The writer finally gets his wish.


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